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3 Benefits of Micro needling On Your Skin. Micro needling is a process where the skin heals by itself; that is a natural method of facial rejuvenation. Most of the plastic surgeons perform this procedure in the modern world because it is one of the most popular facial treatments. This procedure is very harmless to your skin. It is done through a microscopic needle treatment which almost looks like high-tech acupuncture for the face. Micro needling helps on the elasticity of the face as well as smoothening the surface feel. This treatment unlike others, the procedure doesn’t require chemicals that are harsh to strip away the skin, neither the laser burning away from your skin, no cuts, and no incisions. The final results are desirable, bearing to the fact that there is nothing to “heal.” Here are the benefits of micro needling on your skin; It is less expensive as compared to others. One of the most cost-effective facial rejuvenation procedures available is micro needling. Nowadays to get such treatments you are required to have a lot of money or be under a medical scheme and sometimes they don’t cover for all the treatments. Micro needling is less expensive if you compare it with full facial laser which mostly only the rich people can afford it. The risk involved in micro needling facial treatment is less, the procedure is simple and most of all less expensive as compared to other therapies. It works fast. The results in micro needling are achieved faster unlike with other facial treatments. You will start to notice improvements on your face within the first and the second week of every micro needling session. You will continue to see more changes as you continue with your sessions, and after like six sessions or so, your face will have rejuvenated completely. By 6-12 months of continuous treatment, you will be able to get back that skin that you so desire. Hire a certified plastic surgeon that can diligently carry out this procedure. Although this treatment might sound simple, all micro needling procedures are not of the same level. Professional micro needling is most healthier and safer when is carried out by an aesthetician who is certified as well as a physician as a team member of an aesthetic medical practice. If you get this mix of qualified team, you will trust and have faith that the treatment you are getting is genuine and it will help your skin a great deal. A qualified plastic surgeon will ensure that you get the best treatment and with sterilized objects which are certified to perform a micro needling facial treatment. On Resources: My Thoughts Explained

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